Motivation quotes

1)- A change in our thoughts can change our life to what we want,So keep a positive attitude always.

2)- Don't count what you have lost, just see what you have now, because past never comes back,but some time future can give us what we lost.

3)- Be a strong absorver & observer.

4)- No matter what you feel...
Always show up.. dress up.. and never think about giving up, giving up is not the solution of  every problem but if you are giving up,then you can have the problem.

5)- Keep the weightage of your positive atitude higher than that of your feelings & emotions.

6)- Improve yourself everyday, life goes on, eighter you do something or not.

7)- Make sure that your life story is going toward the right direction.

8)- Never say i am giving up, just say im resting for sometime.

9)- Never try to become a perfect person try to become a true person, perfection doesn't exist.

10)- Control your mind & focus it toward the right direction, never allow other people to control you.

11) Improve your knowledge everyday, because your knowledge is your power.

12) Be the person you want to meet in your life.

13)- Everybody thinks of changing the world but no one think of changing himself.

14)- Don't be a part of crowd, recognise your capabilities and come out of your illusions.

15)- Avoide fakeness, fakeness can't give real happiness.

16)- If you want to take the best decision, use both your heart and brain.

17)- "Be patient" things will change for better.

18)-  Think before you speak because words can't be replaced or ignored in every situation.

19)- Never regret for what you are not.

20)- Life is travelled only once, so make sure you are travelling in right direction.